Presiding: Nicole Hauser
Meeting Room setup/takedown and general problem solving: Tom Mangan and Ron Van Ekeren
Professor’s Quote: George Gill
Foundation Flash:
Introduction of Guests: Scott Larson
Guests: Tim Stamp introduced prospective member, Deborah Cunningham
Exchange Students: Irene
Visiting Rotarians:
Junior Rotarians/RYLA/Young RYLA: Shay
Rotaract/Interact Students:
Humor: Jean Garrison
Foundation Drawing: Murray Schroeder won $10 with $239 in the jackpot.
O’Dwyers Drawing: Larry Struempf
  • Nicole Nelson is working on prizes and fundraising for the upcoming duck race. She is looking for other Rotarians to serve on the committee.
  • Tom Mangan announced that the annual MS Walk is scheduled for May 9 in Cheyenne. Visit to sign up under the team Rotary Walks.
  • Nicole Hauser announced that the board approved a $1,000 donation to Leadership Laramie to start an endowment at the Wyoming Community Foundation.
Upcoming Programs (programs may be cancelled due to COVID-19, watch your email for updates):
  • April 2: Laramie Youth Council
  • April 9: UW Anthropology, First Humans in Wyoming, Todd Surovel
  • April 16: Leadership Laramie, Jerrica Becken
Rotarian of the Week: Nick Hauser nominated Scott Larson for bringing the statewide soccer tournament to Laramie; Nicole Hauser nominated Tom Mangan for providing a donation to the club foundation.
Rotarian of the Month: Doug Faus
Special Presentation: Tom Mangan celebrated his birthday with a donation to the club foundation.   
Songs: Happy Birthday, This Land is Your Land
Program: University of Wyoming Dean of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Barbara Rascoe
Introduction: Jean Garrison
Rascoe has served as the dean since July 1, 2019. The college is the second largest at UW. It has international students from about 20 different countries.
The college is developing a new strategic plan with a focus on Wyoming agriculture and world vitality and health.
The plan encourages the college to be more integrative with programs around the state and within the departments. The college has improved access and developed more practical experiences for students.
The college is developing a more specific focus for research in certain areas such as wildlife/livestock disease and animal production. This is focused on supporting Wyoming agriculture.
Rascoe is focused on strategic new hiring to streamline curriculum and process to enable student success. The college is rebuilding teaching capacity in key areas and working to offer more distance/hybrid opportunities with distance degrees and certificates.
Rascoe is focused on taking advantage of the uniqueness of Wyoming and supporting Wyoming agriculture. She is especially interested in the extension opportunities across the state.
Statewide there are 13 counties without extension education. She is working to hire more staff in those areas. The college is down 41 percent on field-based extension personnel.
Other priorities for the college include developing a facilities plan and staffing plan. The physical infrastructure of the buildings is old. The building needs upgrades. The college is working to build greenhouses, make upgrades to the arena, and to build a large-scale rodeo practice arena.
The college is aiming to work more with the rural community to improve vitality and health through education and community development related to food science and nutrition, as well as financial wellness.
Response: Scott Larson
Happy birthday to Hanna Eslinger, Ray McElwee, Annette Mello, Larry Struempf, Phil Nicholas, Dave Hansen, and Kris Whitfield.
Rotary Anniversaries: Ivan Gaetz (2 years), Jamie Terry (2 years), Chris Rusinski (3 years), Nick Hauser (4 years), Cheryl Welegala (6 years), Tom Doser (8 years), Kristen Peterson (8 years), and Jack Bedessem (8 years).
Rotary 4-way test
Of the things we think, say, or do
•Is it the Truth?
•Is it Fair?
•Will it build Good Will and
  Better Friendships?
•Will it be Beneficial to All    
Response: The Rotary Club of Laramie will make a donation to the public library children’s book fund in the speaker’s name.
NOTE: We Do Not Donate a Book!
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