April 27, 2023
Meeting Summary
Presiding: Jamie Terry
Meeting Room setup/takedown and general problem solving: Tom Mangan & Team
Professor’s Quote:
Foundation Flash:
Introduction of Guests: Paul Montoya
Guests: Kelly Neville introduced prospective member, Tyler Valentine; Terry Moss introduced Keener Fry
Visiting Rotarians:
Junior Rotarians/RYLA/Young RYLA/Exchange Students: Codi, Kathryn, Audry, Amanda
Rotaract/Interact Students:
Foundation Drawing: Codi won $10 with $98.50 in the jackpot.
O’Dwyers Drawing: Keith Downey
  • The board has approved three applications for membership: Neil Theobald, Anna Cramer, and Tyler Valentine. Orientations will take place soon.
  • Murray Schroeder noted that clean-up day will be May 6.
  • Paul Montoya told the club to watch for information about a bingo night at O’Dwyers. Money raised will go to the Suicide Prevention Task Force.
  • Caitlin White announced that our new exchange student will be Marianna from Brazil. We are still searching for host families.
  • Jamie Terry reminded club members to only use authorized uses of the Rotary International logo.
  • John Bard invited members to attend the scholarship committee meeting on May 4 after the meeting.
Upcoming Programs:
  • May 11: Relative Theatrics, Anne Mason
  • May 18: State Engineer’s Office, Jeff Cowley
  • May 25: City of Laramie North Facility (Off-site Tour), Brooks Webb
  • June 1: CLIMB Wyoming, Katie Hogarty
  • June 8: Former Inbound Exchange Student, Hunaid Nagaria
  • June 29: New President and Board Induction!
Rotarian of the Week: Jaime Stine nominated Murray Schroeder for his fundraising work; Terry Moss nominated Doug Faus for being nominated as one of the top 107 CEOs in the country.  
Special Presentations: The Junior Rotarians were provided with certificates. Natalie White was inducted. Welcome Natalie!
Program: UW Program in Israel, Caroline McCracken-Flesher
Introduction: Jean Garrison
This is a program in transdisciplinary research and training. Students and faculty travel as part of the program. It is important to encourage students to travel, as it makes it more likely they will continue to do so. The program is working on having a broad range of faculty visit countries to conduct research in the region.
In Israel, there is the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the Mosque of Omar. They represent the three major religions in the area.
This area can be the topic of many different types of research, due to its historical significance, as well as its agriculture and geology. Topics can include religious studies, archeology, agriculture, and geology.
This is a great place to encourage interdisciplinary work, since disciplinary work is complicated because it does not reflect real life. Having shifts in perspective and multiple perspectives helps. While we may think we know and understand a landmark, that landmark has existed across many moments, giving it a wide perspective to work with.
For students, this means UW asks them to choose a challenge, choose a moment in time, choose the story where this work makes sense, and change the perspective. This allows them to attract many students from different disciplines.
For faculty, 14 members traveled to Jerusalem from all disciples to teach one another. It encouraged faculty to leave their comfort zones and change where they stand to research more thoroughly.
As part of the trip, the group stayed at the WF Albright Institution for Archaeological Research. It was founded in 1900 and houses the American School of Oriental/Overseas Research.
UW will be involving the community in upcoming tours. They will be headed to Uzbekistan in 2023, Scotland in 2023 and 2024, Iceland in 2024, and Israel/West Bank in the future.
Response: Michele Tilley
Do you have a suggestion for the program committee? Let Tony Hoch know!
Rotary 4-way test
Of the things we think, say, or do:
•Is it the Truth?
•Is it Fair?
•Will it build Good Will and Better Friendships?
•Will it be Beneficial to All Concerned?
Response: The Rotary Club of Laramie will make a donation to the public library children’s book fund in the speaker’s name.
NOTE: We Do Not Donate a Book!
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