Presiding: Nicole Hauser
Meeting Room setup/takedown and general problem solving: Tom Mangan and Ron Van Ekeren
Inspiration: Esther McGann
Professor’s Quote: Klaus Hanson
Introduction of Guests: Steve Morgan
Guests: Jon Freeman hosting Scott Larson - potential Rotarian, Paul Heimer hosting Dakota – potential Rotarian
Exchange Students:
Visiting Rotarians:
Junior Rotarians/RYLA:
Rotaract Students:
Humor: Todd Pearson
Foundation Drawing: Tom Mangan won $10 with $532.00 in the jackpot.
O’Dwyers Drawing: Paul Heimer
Announcements: President Nicole announced there is a board meeting next week, Nicole Nelson announced CPA Group of Laramie will be hosting a tailgate before the football game on the 14th, Jamie Stine announced that Developmental Preschool and Daycare is seeking a new board member for a 3 year term (and it is a limited time commitment)
Upcoming Programs:
September 19 – Gerald Mattinson, UW Cowgirls Basketball
September 26 – Peter Parolin – UW Honors College
Special Presentation:
Rotarians of the Week: Steve Morgan and Paul Heimer nominated Todd Pearson for his humor and educational piece of history, President Nicole nominated George Gill for organizing Professor Quotes.
Songs: Rock-A- My Soul and Rotary Wheel
Program: American Red Cross, Jan Daugaard
Introduction: Paul Heimer
Jan has been with Red Cross for 4 years, and has been in her current role for the past couple months.
The Red Cross has a congressional mandate to do what they do but are 100% funded by voluntary donations.  $.90 of every $1.00 spent goes to Red Cross mission.  The goal of the Red Cross is to prepare for and respond to disasters.  They aim to alleviate suffering through the power of volunteers. 
Across the country, the Red Cross has ~ 30,000 employees, but over 500,000 volunteers.  More locally, there are 6 volunteers covering WY and CO plus 4 full time WY staff.  There are approximately 50 active local volunteers, ~100 fairly active, and more than 1,000 volunteers on the roster locally.
The Red Cross offers the following services:
Disaster Services – the #1 disaster they respond to are house fires – which is also the disaster they are most likely able to have the most affect on.  They have installed 1,152 free smoke alarms in houses, making ~500 homes in WY safer.
The Red Cross is currently providing disaster services to communities impacted by hurricane Dorian where ~200,000 are without power and over 7,000 people are currently in shelters.  So far, they have provided 110 emergency response vehicles, 104 semi-trucks full of supplies, and over 2,000 responders.
Blood Services – 40% of the blood provided through blood donations is through the Red Cross
Health and Safety Preparedness - Prevention and awareness programs include “Sound the Alarm”, “Senior Preparedness Bucket” and “Pillowcase Project”.  The Red Cross also provides training for CPR, babysitting, and stop the bleeding training.
International Services – The Red Cross helps others prepare for disaster and has also helped provide over 1 billion measles vaccinations to children.
Service to the Armed Forces – the Red Cross works with VP Hospitals and bases to provide aid and support such as deployment preparedness, emergency communication when deployed, reconnecting workshops, and psychological first aid.
People who are interested in helping may contact Jan Daugaard or contact the Red Cross via Paul Heimer.  They can use help locally on DAT (Disaster Action Teams), by helping train in the classrooms, by providing online case work for assisting the Armed Forces and can always provide support via funding/donations. 
Response: Keith Downey
Celebrations: September birthdays include Dennis T, Jan L, Tim E, Bill H, Chris R.  September Rotary anniversaries include Tom M (22 years), Dennis T (41 years), Karl M (22 years), Nicole W (11 years), David Kling (9 years), Nicole H (7 years), Christina and Steve G and Kelly W (6 years).  Terry Roark is celebrating 56 years of marriage to his bride.
District Assembly: Saturday, October 5 at Laramie County Community College in Cheyenne.
Rotary 4-way test
Of the things we think, say, or do
•Is it the Truth?
•Is it Fair?
•Will it build Good Will and Better Friendships?
•Will it be Beneficial to All Concerned?
Response: The Rotary Club of Laramie will make a donation to the public library children’s book fund in the speaker’s name.
NOTE: We Do Not Donate a Book!
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