Presiding: Nicole Hauser
Meeting Room setup/takedown and general problem solving: Tom Mangan and Ron Van Ekeren
Inspiration: Anita McLaughlin
Professor’s Quote:
Introduction of Guests:
Guests: Todd Pearson introduced prospective member Hanna Eslinger; John Bard introduced prospective member JT Walsh; Anita McLaughlin introduced her son, Jackson.  
Exchange Students: Irene
Visiting Rotarians:
Junior Rotarians/RYLA/Young RYLA: Kate & Anotidaishe
Rotaract Students:
Humor: Terry Roark
Foundation Drawing: Paul Heimer won $10 with $962.50 in the jackpot.
O’Dwyers Drawing: Becky Maddox
Christie Roberts invited Rotarians to purchase a cookbook from Laramie Soup Kitchen for $20.
Nicole Hauser invited members to sign up for a Serve the Servants dinner on Christmas. She will email out more details.
Nicole Hauser is looking for help with the greeting table.
Nicole Hauser announced that Hanna Eslinger has been approved for membership. The club has one week to make comments to a board member.
Nicole Hauser told the club that the board approved a $500 donation to One School at a Time.
Upcoming Programs:
Dec. 26: No meeting!
Jan. 2: Rotary Park, Larry Struempf
Special Presentation: President Nicole Hauser presented
Rotarian of the Week: Kerry Greaser nominated Becky Maddox for making great snow at the ski area.  
Rotarian of the Month: Rollin Abernethy
Songs: Happy Birthday
Program: UW Science Initiative, Greg Brown
Introduction: Jean Garrison
The pillar of the UW Science Initiative are: advance discovery, improve student learning, and create economic vitality. These pillars are based on existing strengths at the university and the need to create new innovative programs and improve faculty teaching.
The science initiative is working to yield more inter-disciplinary science discoveries and projects and to develop a larger science workforce for the state.
The Learning Actively Mentoring Program is a comprehensive, sustained mentoring and professional development program. There will be a new active learning classroom in the science initiative building that can see 200. The purpose of the program is to improve student retention, success, and engagement in STEM classrooms. So far 222 courses have been taught by LAMP trained faculty to 11,344 students.
The Wyoming Research Scholars Program pairs undergraduate students with faculty mentors letting the students participate in research projects starting as early as freshman year. UW hopes this will attract Wyoming high school graduates and community college transfers. So far 61 students from 17 counties have participated.
The Science Initiative Roadshow was a program that naturally evolved with the science initiative changes. The roadshow exposes students and teachers around the state to innovative and active teaching techniques and creates links between UW and schools. The program has reached 2,300 K-12 students since 2018.
The Student Collaborative Research, Outreach, and Learning Lab is a component of the new building. This will include lab space that can be used by undergraduates for individual and course-based research. It will have a 30-seat active learning classroom that will serve as training space and a space to facilitate visits from K-12 schools. Students will be able to study and interact informally in the space.
Response: Ollie Walter
Celebrations: December Birthdays – Tom Wolfe, Tom Doser, Aimee Binning, Paul Heimer, Keith Downey, Doug Faus, and Irene Sottile. December Rotary Anniversaries – Megan Goetz (16 years), Rollin Abernethy (14 years), Paul Heimer (13 years), Christie Roberts (3 years), and Beth Jones (3 years).
Rotary 4-way test
Of the things we think, say, or do
•Is it the Truth?
•Is it Fair?
•Will it build Good Will and
  Better Friendships?
•Will it be Beneficial to All    
‘Response: The Rotary Club of Laramie will make a donation to the public library children’s book fund in the speaker’s name.
NOTE: We Do Not Donate a Book!
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